The last thing on- The first thing off. To keep your jewelry in good shape, keep this simple rule in mind. For your jewelry to have a long happy life, avoid contact with water, sweat acids and alcohol, this can make your jewelry tarnish. The jewelry is handmade and plated, so the the lifetime is depending of usage and caring. All of our jewelry conforms to all EU-directives regarding nickel, lead and cadmium
Our bags comes in different materials, such as the finest leather, suede, canvas and PU-leather. We have a design for every mood. Leather and suede are natural materials and looks better the more you use it. To keep your bag beautiful for a long time, give it some love by using leather balm or cream. Use impregnation spray for your suede bag to keep it in a good mood. Every bag has its unique texture and character, your new bag is a one of a kind product.
Our handembroidered bags are made by women in India. Every bead is stiched by hand. Our hope is that we can continue to to help these women in poverty by providing work under good conditions. Every bag makes a difference in these families lives. Every bag is unique and should be handled with care.
Our scarves are made of the finest materials such as wool, cotton, cashmere, viscose and polyester. Some models are handembroidered and handpainted, some small irregularities are part of the design. Take care of of your scarf by avoiding direct contact with rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. Washing instructions comes with each item.
Our cashmere products are made traditionally in the Kashmir region in Northern India and China. The Moshi cashmere is a guaranteed high quality product that will keep you comfortable all year long. hireabrvvbrei irvbrugbvbjdbvdjbv jdfb vjdv djv divndubdbv v udv .
Our candles have a fresh natural scent and is approved for all safety requirements. The candles consists of 50% natural wax and 50% certified paraffin. The burning time is about 35-40 hours. For the candle to have the fullest lifetime, we recommend to burn the candle all the way out to the edges the first time lit.
Our new collection of clothing. The garments are individually "piece-dyed" by hand in the North of India. It is made by 100% cotton. Due to this process, colour variations and irregularities may occur, ensuring the uniqueness in every garment. Through wearing and washing, the garment may loose some dye and further accentuating it's uniqueness.